Saturday, June 30, 2007

Me at a crop?

Yup, can you believe it I went to a crop at WSD today. I can not remember the last crop I've been to, I think it was a Hilltop Memories crop about 2 years ago.

I finished the Disney book, bought more paper for the "Road Trip" chipboard book and dug through the clearance room. I picked up another Maya Road album to do a "Dad" book for joe. I love the MR chipboard books/albums and I really LOVE the prices. I think I spent $16.00 and walked out with a handlebag full of stuff (old Heidi Grace on clearance & lil' davis chipboard cards).

Reminds me, I need to take some photos of my latest projects.

I also found out this morning that I made it onto the July roster for the It Kit Studio subscription, yeehaw! A mass mailing was sent out yesterday saying 15 spots were open, the first 15 with the mail/shipping/cc# would "win" the subscription. I love this new kit company. Check them out the link is on the left <---

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Henry!!

My baby is 4 years old today, I can't believe that he is four already! He had a friend come over for cupcakes, playtime and wrecking the house. Right now, the brothers are soaking in the big tub. They were covered in sandy dirt and sandbox sand from head to toe, I'm sure there is going to be a dirt ring around the tub when they are done "swimming."

I haven't dedicated anytime today to my crafts but so far the Disney Album class is coming along. WSD (whimsodoodle) asked me to do a Disney Album class for September. I decided on an 8x8 20 page book using traditional Disney colours (red, black, white, yellow) and a few Sandylion patterned papers and rub-ons. Atleast, I'll get some of my family Disney pictures in an album. I made my mil/fil and sil/bil albums of the family Disney adventures. The whole family goes to WDW quite often from Oct-March when the weather is beautiful in Florida.

Monday, June 25, 2007

What's next...

Well here it is, the cover and theme atleast.

I've been working on a class for Jackie T's MS crop, I hope people will like it when its completed. Its a chipboard book by Maya Road using a new line of papers and embellishments.
I don't want to mentioned the line just yet, I'm not sure if its what I'm going to use. But I have the book all planned out on paper and I think it's going to be soooo cute.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Under the couch

Joe couldn't find the remote so he decided to rip off the bottom cover of the couch. What a treasure trove of Playmobiles, Lego and Kix cereal, eeyuck! It gave me a chance to scrub down the wall behind the couch and vacuum the baseboards. The boys loved having the couch upside down, they thought daddy was building them a hideaway.

Friday, June 22, 2007

For A Moment

I'm almost done with the project, just have to sand the letters and outline. Also, I just have to think up some more "about me" to fill in the blank spots.

This is what the letters will look like when completed, I sanded the edges down, roughed up the front and outlined it in .01 micron.

Off to school.

I decided to pick H. up from school and meet his teacher. He has about 8 classmates and of course he was the last one out of the classroom and trailed behind with a female teacher. Nico spotted him in the courtyard and ran thru a group of kids yelling "Henwee HenWee henwee", it was so cute he ran up to him and hugged him. Henry said "that's my bruder" to the his classmates and teacher. -As usual I forgot my camera.

I found these cute pix on my camera, the boys were outside pushing their buggies around. Henry is so cute with the sling and his "jimmie".

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Down and Out!

Can it be that both boys are asleep at the same time during daylight hours! I'm wasting these precious minutes typing this blog, I should be in my closet working on some projects.

I finally got around to working on a Gin-X kit "100 years" last night and almost had it finished minus the pictures before I had to go to bed (9ish) with the boys (don't ask). I need to wake H. up around 6.30am so I need my sleep and its not beauty. I'll finish it right now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Waiting on the bus

H. is going to summer school and rides to the bus to and from. We have to have him out at the end of our steet by 7.15am and he's suppose to get dropped off around 12.45pm. Well, he's not getting off the bus until 1.20pm. That means he rides the bus for almost an hour and half in the afternoon. I'm not sure I want my kid driven all over town.

He also says school is boring and they don't feed him (I know that's not true.) Not sure what they are doing in his program, so I'm going to have to make a trip over there soon and find out if its worth the effort to wake him up in the morning and have me wait for 45min in the sun with baby.
Henry is sitting in my doorway playing with his Pixter art program, the boy loves to paint, draw, doodle and glue. Just like his mom.

Mr. Nico has decided he's going to redo my room for me and is taking measurements for some new cabinets....Oh how I wish! Damn that kid looks like me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Clear Album - Everyday Moments

I got the idea for using plexi-glass from 2peas and ran with it. I bought the plexi from Lowe's and they cut it down to 6x6 - 12 pieces.

WSD asked me to do a class in August, date TBA. Includes all materials, you supply the pictures.

I love using the 7 gypsies handstamps and have quite a collection to keep up from the boys. Nico was down for a nap so I thought I was safe with leaving my stuff out while I made some coffee. Get back to work and I can't find the stamp I want, hmmm. Henry did you take my stamps? Nooo from another room. I get up and search around my space, "Henry are you sure you didn't touch it? "NO MAN!" (his latest word accomplishment) I track him down in his room and ask him point blank "Did you take it?" He looks at me and say "Nope!"

I started to giggle and said the jig is up MAN and pointed at his mouth. He ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, he comes back and says "I sorry, I do that tomorrow mom" meaning he won't do that again.

Sunday, I lost track of Nico in the house and its not a big house. He was in the living room with me and then he wandered off to joe's room or so I thought. I called joe and he said "no nico here", I looked in his bed, nope. I went to the masterbedroom, nope just Henry asleep. Where did he disappear too!! Back to the front room (its the playroom now) and looked in the pirate ship thingy, nope. Now I'm getting nervous. The 5th time I walked by him I finally noticed him passed out next to the couch. He was between the couch and desk but not directly in sight. I guess he had taken his nappy off and fell over asleep, with his butt on Elmo.


I hate having to go food shopping, prices are going up again and I always get overcharged for something. Today it was a gallon of organic milk at Publix for $4.29 and I was charged 4.99.

On to my next project: I am teaching an altered letter "ART" class July 18 @ 6.30pm.