Thursday, August 30, 2007

Latest Project

I think this one will be called "Grateful" or something along those lines. I'm really digging the new lines from Basic Grey especially Mellow and the sweet looking rub-ons. I'm using a 7Gypsies product as the album and a variety Making Memories stickers. Keep a lookout for a class announcement next month at the Doodle.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Little shaved head

Here's my little cutie with his cleanly shaved head, he has a mouthful of grapes.
He has baby fine hair so the buzzcut does not suit him. Henry looks cute with a buzz but he has dark, course hair that stands out.

What a Mess!

Somehow I have managed to migrate from my closet/studio to the master-bed and a the little Cropper Hopper table held up by a cooler. Me thinkist it is the telly that is calling me.

The bookshelf that stores QKs and TODO projects.

The table in the morning before I get working, I work on the bed and the table is my holding area. I keep half the bed clean for the boys to lounge with me or to wrestle each other. My workspace (bedroom floor) is covered with Playmobile and Lego parts, those suckers hurt when stepped on with barefeet.

Shot of the cooler, it works great as a storage bin too. The press-board is what I work on while "lounging" in bed.

Off to work I lots of project in the pipe now I just have to get them done by middle of September.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Idea Binder

Finally found a binder with a front pocket and a cool color - PINK. Its rainy outside so the pic and colours are dark.

Now I just need to move my folders over into the new binder and then its done.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Funny Faces

Henry propped up in the wagon before heading off to school. He's still asleep.

H. laying down in the wagon, joe sympathized and made a bed for H.

Today we went down to Straub Park to get some family photos. It didn't work out so well. Nick wouldn't look at me and henry just made faces.

Smiles Album

I took some quick pix before I handed it over to the store, so they're not the best. Another Maya Road Chipboard album, I love these books.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Another project

I finished another class project for the Doodle. The theme is 10 reasons to smile, you fill in the smile blanks. I love the new Basic Grey Mellow line and it goes perfect with American Crafts felt stickers.

Joe is trying to fix the dvd player with the boys under his feet literally. He's calling for me to remove the boys from the vicinity. Dvd players last about a year in this household, not sure what we do to them but we've learned to just buy the cheapos. The expensive dvd players didn't any longer than the $25 ones.

I'm watching Grandma's Boy tonight, I love this movie. Scary that i worked in an environment very similar (graphic arts) and had the same nerdy experiences. One woman in a bldg full of immature male colleagues, tough.

Tomorow I'll post some pix of Smiles, to late to do anything tonight. Gotta rescue Joe.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First layouts in over a year!

I did some layouts the last few weeks and I really like how they came together. I hope to get more photos/events completed in the next few months.

I need to fill in the journaling, that is always the last thing to do and maybe to add a few more bits of embellishments.

I've gone back to 8.5x11 pages, these particular pages are landscape 11x8.5 from a SEI album. I print my pix on the fly and really like my new printer, a Canon Mini 260. It can print 8 pix on a 4x6, wallets (full edge bleed), 4 pix and regular old 4x6. I do most of the photo editing and printing through Picasa, I love the 5cm x 8cm size.

MS crop project - Road Trip

Here is my class project for the MS crop September 28, 29, 30. I finally got around to taking pictures of it.

If you are interested please contact Jackie D, there is limited space.

Products used:
Elsie papers/stickers/fabric
7 gypsies stamps
Maya Road chipboard binder album 5"x 5"
Ranger Paint

School has started!!!

School is finally back in session and I get my daytime back for a little while. Nick is easy to please and entertain, so I get to play with my artsyfartsy stuff.

H was happy to get back to school, he was barely awake when we loaded up the wagon. He did give me a few smiles for the camera but went back into snooze mode. Once he got into school, he woke right up and got into his routine. Within minutes he forgot all about me and sat down to eat breakfast with his schoolmates.