Thursday, December 15, 2011

Raingutter Regatta

Henry earning the World Conservation Award. I didn't even hear his name being called, so the picture is cruddy.
The inflatable raingutters, new this year & very handy.
Getting ready to start the races, each rank had a table.
Anxious Henry waiting for his turn.
And they are off!
huffhuffpuffpuffhuff...i'm dizzy
Nicholas waiting his turn at the trough.
Nicholas had a melt-down because he had to wait again for another turn.
After the races, the boys could 'race' their boats against anyone or themselves.
The boys were fascinated by the big scouts who were emptying the gutters. Lots of questions.
Nicholas was happy to get his mess kit.
Henry's mess kit, luckily its slightly different then Nicholas'. I'm never without a Sharpie, names were immediately added to the kits.

8th Kyu Test

The boys tested for 8th Kyu on the 30th of November, Henry was so nervous he was about to cry. Nicholas treated it like any other day, no worries or thoughts about it. 

Large class testing together, the senseis were slightly overwhelmed, people kept showing up. They didn't turn them away like I would have, there is a reason why they want the performance sheets turned in 3 days before testing. .  

Side kicks and stuff

Nicholas getting ready to show defense moves.
Being attacked from behind defense moves. 

Henry's turn.

Breaking away followed by a kick. 

Henry falling asleep during the brown belt testing.

Henry asleep. All of the adults were laughing, they too agreed that the testing was going long. 

That is a lot of people testing for ranks.  

All waiting patiently. 

  Henry getting his belt and hang shakes/bow all around. 
Nicholas' award of orange belt. 

 The boys with their sensei Sherry and her sensei - her dad - John Ingram - Hachi Dan (8th degree) - who is a student of Master Mitchum. 

Goonie Golf morning at Disney World. We all had fun playing through the characters and only lost two balls - one of nicholas' and one of mine which I hit into the next county.

Dancing stretch

Nicholas dancing the Cha Cha Slide during PE. He looks like a rubber band the way he moves around.