Friday, May 27, 2011

Bear cub

Henry moved up to bear from wolf cub last night. He is excited for the bear activities to start, especially the knife whittling and fire building achievements.

He also decorated a cake for the pack meeting.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

5K walk

Weight Watchers had a 5k walk this morning at trail that Chaya & I walk every other day. There were lots of WW participants and a few from our Thursday meeting. We had our picture with Marie, our leader. The walk started at 8am and it was over by 9am, a short & fun walk.

Monday, May 9, 2011

More about the trip

Hitting the links in St. Augustine, lots of golf balls lost in the ponds.

Henry watching the African Stork wait for its meal next to the "dead zebra".
The Swamp filled with varieties of alligators, crocodiles & asst birds.

Alligator looking for some lovin', you can see the water vibrating from the grunts/bellows he's making.

Nico & his sticker collection of the day.

Villa Zorayda, Henry wanted me to take a picture of the place where "a deadly rug is hung on the wall so no one can walk on it and die", folklore about a rug that killed everyone who has walked on it.


So is this email blogger finally working...

It's working again....Sweet Augustine

The boys and I spent a week in St. Augustine doing touristy things..trolley rides, Alligator Farm, Lighthouse, Old city walks, camping at the Anastasia State Park, walking along the beach, fishing, chocolate tour, winery visit and Ripley's.

We really enjoyed ourselves...well maybe not Nico and Ripley's.

Whetstone Chocolate factory was watching the spinning machine rotate in circles & twists. Showing how they make hollowed shapes like bunnies & stuff.

The boys watching the machine fill candy molds and then they ate them.

Heading down the spiral staircase at St. Augustine Lighthouse - 219 steps to the top, the boys ran all the way and all the way down.
The last two flights are narrow.
The view from the top...check out mr. bunny hiding in Henry's pocket.