Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where's the stuff!

I have not done a single craft item in the last few days. WTH! I'm off my game and I need to get busy.

I have been busy burn DVDs and moving pictures off my tiny harddrive and onto the network drive. Atleast I can get to them when I need to print pictures and have lots of room on my machine for the photo editing program. I've also been going thru the pics and deleting blurry and missed shots, why waste the space with cruddy pictures that I'll never print or look at again.

Monday, January 28, 2008


My ears are still full and driving me crazy. The meds the doc. gave me are just drying everything out except me ears. If I move my head in a certain direction, i can feel the fluid in my ears shift away from the canal and I can hear for a split second.

I had 6 people in the card class on Saturday, they do 4 cards of 2 designs. I was home by 1pm with some new product in my basket and promptly fell asleep. Jen called around 5pm and cancelled our racquetball game, she has a cold. We made a date to play on sunday.

We did play 40 mins of r-ball on sunday. We also did 30 mins on the treadmill and I did time on the elliptical. We had a dinner meeting with the all the scrapbook stores in the bay area to go over the Scrapbook treasure hunt agenda. This year the dates are in early March and the 1st place prize is over a $1000! They added a 2nd & 3rd place prize this year.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Found it

This layout is flat and I'm not happy with it. I glued down the polkadot paper before I inked the edges , doh. It needs some ink. This one is made with the Pop Culture KI line with some Elsie art stuff.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Totally forgot about another page

I forgot about the 1st layout I did today. I can't find it right now, its dark in here and I do not want to take a chance in waking up the boys with any noise. I wonder where I put it, its not in the page with the other pages. DOH! Tomorrow I will take a pic, its a page of funny boy nico covered in "make-up".

Feeling better

I felt horrible yesterday, just real draggy and unsettled. I guess Nico passed his malaise on to me. Today I am feeling better, Jen & i played racquetball today and I did 4 12x12 layouts for the doodle.

The 3 first layouts are all done with 2 pieces of Bo-Bunny pattern paper, the Boy stickers sheet and some cardstock.

This lo is a lift from bo-bunny site. I need some help to get into the 12x12 groove.
This layout is a total lift from 2p gg using CI creative cafe tags. These tags are leftovers from a keychain I'm working on. I'm almost done with that project, I just got sidetrack making lo.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

oh boy

I sold my darkroom equipment (enlarger, tanks, tools) and meet up with the buyer in the Publix parking lot by the doodle at noon. Nico & I headed over to the doodle to pick up some DT work and within 15 mins nico was throwing up all over aunt cissy (jen). He went down hill so fast, fever & vomiting.

Now its 6.40pm and he's sitting at the table eating Henry's left over pizza. I guess he's feeling better, hope he keeps it down.

Monday, January 21, 2008

This is for Jackie

I pulled out an old album and found some pics of me at 2yrs. Nico even has my messy eating habits!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

2 layouts

I actually was able to do two layouts yesterday during the crop. Very unusual to work on your own stuff but I took advantage of the lull in the cropping activities. I only took a bin of scraps & misc. stickers with me along with my tool kit. So I forced myself to work with only what was in the bin.

I also did a few cards but i forgot to scan them when i did the layouts so they'll wait until later. I have to go through our dressers and purge tshirts.


I worked the 12hr crop at the doodle today. As usual, I had a blast. I finalized the cards for next week's card of the month class. New Qk & Fancy Pants Valentine papers for a sweetheart card & a bird in a tree for a general card. I also completed 2 layouts. I'll scan them in tomorrow, I gotta get to bed. Got in around 12.30am from the crop lastnight and was awoken by a 2.5yr climbing into bed at 5.30am UGHHH I'm tired but not 'sleepy'.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Getting closer

H made this face the entire time we sat and watched the parade at Disney World . He just couldn't believe that all these "characters" were walking by. Pure disbelief.I'm not that happy with the way the page came out, I couldn't lift the "face" letter without tearing. So I had to leave it all right and try to balance it with some triads on the bottom. Gotta get some Undu some how! The journaling ovals are CI Creative Cafe rub-ons. The "parade" stickers are MM and have a date of sept -04, that has been in my stash a while.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some more finds

Look at this cute little teapot - McCoy pottery.
And what the heck is this?
Here's a another pic of the sunkist reamer.

Purging the kitchen

I started to "organize" the kitchen this morning after see the pile of dishes next to the sink. I went thru and purged lots of cups/bowls/plates/silverware , putting all the extra kitchen wares in a bin out in the garage. There is no reason to have 20 coffeemugs! Joe started picking thru the bin "saying why the mugs?" - back off buddy!

I also cleaned off the knick-knack shelf and get rid of the clutter. There is no room in my life right now for this type of clutter. I do not appreciate it so it just collects dust.

Some sort of chopper with mint green peeling paint wooden handle.
Another chopper with a wooden disc at the bottom. It's a measuring cup also.
An assortment of bowls- small, medium & 1 large. These are BIG bowls with square bases. Wonderful to work with. 2 clear, 2 amber & 1 green.
2 Measuring cups - Fire King Sapphire blue 8oz cup in perfect condition and a Hazel Atlas 3 spout measuring cup.
Here's just 2 reamers - white Sunkist large reamer (barely make out sukist on side) and a small reamer unknown - it has a diamond with a D in it - I'm thinking its a give away from diamond Salt.
Please anyone?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another one down

I love this picture of nico wearing his boots. He loves his boots - he was wearing them today. There almost too small to wear but he doensn't care, he wore these when they were 2 sizes to big so being snug probably feels good.
I did laundry catch-up and now I can't lay down on the bed. Now I'm in the middle of organizing my space and purging for the garage sale in march. I went through the bin of "stuff that I dump stuff in" and put it into it's appropriate colour bin.

I store almost all of the colour embellishments -buttons/brads/chipboard/felt/metal in these stackable bins. I 've learned that I use my stuff when its opened up and in the bins. When I see it & touch it, I'll use it.
They're snapware containers that latch together and sit nicely on the bookshelf.

I also put away the themed stickers & embellishments in the 12x12 Iris snap close bins. I have themes: family, boy, travel, disney, holidays, baby, animals, school, letters set up in the 12x12 bins and use some for traveling, project storage and dumpbin.

Now I'm working on my pattern papers again and shuffling them around. I haven't found a way that it is convenient for me to use up general pattern papers other than having a big pile sitting next to me. I keep holidays and Disney separate, I also have "boy" file with pirates/bikes/other boy stuff. Then I have a Scenic Route bin and a Basic Grey bin.

Monday, January 14, 2008

What's happening today

I guess I'll have to do the laundry. It's been piling up since Saturday and we can't walk into the bathroom without having to push the pile out of the way. Then I guess I finally get the tree down (blush), yes its still up! Henry loves the tree and started freaking when I tried to take it down last weekend. Well he's in school right now so I have my chance.

Next is the big counter, i hate that thing! All it does is catch clutter & toys what a useless piece of kitchen furniture. I would so love to rip it out and put up a wall of cabinets with a peekaboo box looking into the family room, something to display pictures/frames/projects on. We'll never do it instead we'll just buy a different house.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

4 out of 14

Look at that! I was totally done with it - journaling included- and realized it going portrait! Oh well it works. I got home tonight from a store meeting at 9.15 and had this page finished by 10.30pm! There's a challenge on the Nook using red scraps. Right now I'm into using my bin of scraps and luckily there were some red Scenic Route pieces that worked.

3 out of 14 done

Quickutz corner & star diecuts, Scenic Route, KI memories paper, 7 Gypsies Family stamp, CI Creative Cafe rub-ons, American Crafts chipboard letters.

Nico eating his soup by spooning it on his grilled cheese sandwich. What mess he made but it was cute to watch.
QK merry & photo corner
papers - Melissa Frances, 7Gypsies, Love Elsie, DCWV cardstock,

Boys hamming it up for the camera.
Papers- Scenic Route
QK - Maddie Anne (silly) & snowday (boys)
7Gypsies Calendar stamps (date) & sticker (wacky set)
Fiskar large circle squeeze punch
Archival Ink - Jet Black
journaling done on the computer

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I cleaned up my workarea, I even hoovered the floor under the table. I found a refill for my label maker and labeled all the drawers on the shelf. I 98% finished the "family tree" flip book (minus the bird, waiting on product) and printed 14 pics for layouts, that means I have 14 layouts sketch out. Now I just need to pull out some pattern papers & get busy.

So who's going to be at the WSD Next Saturday's Crop? ME ME ME! I'll be doing a layout and card challenge during the crop, so if you participate you might win a cool prize (it might be a handmade item from moi).

My family Tree boad

I did 2 projects yesterday- here's one. It will have binder rings at the top. The little bird & tree are just for visuals , I haven't decided which company to use. It has 8 incremental chipboard pages held together by binder rings.
Paper-Cosmo Cricket, Melissa Frances rub-ons

Now what was the other project? I did it in the morning and totally forgot about it.

Anyways Henry must have had a stomach bug - he woke up 1am friday morning and threw up all over the couch and living room carpet. Joe cleaned that up, I just stayed with H. in the bathroom. He threw up again at 4am and at 10am, took a 4 hour nap and said he felt much better. I hope no one else comes down with it.

His long nap let me make this project.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Valentine's cards

I made some cards with old SEI Twitterpatter paper for 2006. Finally found a use for it, the designs work very well for cards.
QK Envelope, new Scallop Heart & Folk Heart, Prima IOD tape (black scroll).
Love, Elsie papers, QK tattoo art diecuts (wings & heart), be mine stamp.

SEI papers, misc. felt pieces & fabric tag.

SEI papers, QK Scallop Heart & Tag.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

19 layouts & 7 projects in 30 days!!

WOW! I just added up my layouts & projects that I did from Dec - today and I accomplished a lot more than i thought. I need to go count my cards. BRB.
I've been working with what I have in my stash and that's mostly papers. I'm finding my layouts come together much quicker and I'm happier with them. Instead of looking for that perfect embellishment, I just grab something and make it work.

QK paige & ck handprint.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

oops I did it again -hehe

I can't believe I completed this lo in under an hour! I have been sitting on these photos for a few months and finally pulled them out to make a page.

Sassafrass Lass pat. paper (whale), Autumn Leaves stamp, Maya Road sheert, Quickutz Sunshine & American Crafts Foam
Got to say that is a cute owl. Again the journaling strips & Creative Cafe border stickers.

Sassafras Lass Owl, BG alpha sticker & pat. paper.


I'm liking the idea of journal strips, they fill space and I actually journal.
Nico says "me up" when he is up high, whether its the bunkbeds, standing on the table or at the playground. He is such a goofball.

Fancy Pants felt scrollwork, Autumn Leaves chipboard (Fun diamond), papers by Scenic Route, Flair, Love, Elsie & Bazzill cardstock. Foam letters are American Crafts & ric-rack sticker is a Creative Cafe ribbons sheet.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Well, I didn't get it scanned in today. I did finish the journaling. Tomorrow after H. goes to school, YIPPPEE!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back in town

We went over to Jupiter this weekend to visit my kinfolk. While at this cool playground by my grandma's house I spotted these fancy ducks- does anyone know what kind of ducks? Please tell me.

Here's a couple cute pix of the boys.
1/2500 f/5.6 158mm iso:800
I grabbed the camera and started shooting and forgot to check the settings - i upped the iso lastnight at dinner.

1/800 f/5.6 200mm iso:800

I did do a layout friday night at the crop, I'll scan it in tomorrow .

Thursday, January 3, 2008

One more pic of the mailbox

Is it not cute! I'm having lots of fun with pinks.

Remember there is limited space for this class since I had to pick products that were non-re-orderable (is that a word?) - meaning they have been discontinued by the company.

Valentine project

This is a class project for next month, its the CI mailbox & Scenic Route line. This is just the start of it, if you want to see the rest you have to go to the store or waiting until I post the completed project after the class.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Quickutz storage

A few people have asked about my QK storage, so here are so pics. I store my 2x2 dies in slide pages that are in a zipper binder. I have one binder for alphas and 1 for shapes. I store the revolution dies in the QK binder, I'm too cheap to buy the dvd/cd holder pages for the binder -close to $10 for 5 pages, ouch. After I uploaded the pics I realized I forgot to take one of my cookie cutter storage, I use a 8.5x11 magnetic sheet slide into a page protector.

It's science

I finally got around to doing H's MRI page. I couldn't get the title right, it was too short so I used a double title as filler. I used Scenic Route paper, Maya Road sheers, Creative Cafe stickers, some old fabric labels & Quickutz Merry (again). I need to pick up Diesel for a different wide font. I'm definitely getting my monies worth out of Merry.

Dinner tonight is Moussaka, peas & a greek salad.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Whoyear!

The fireworks woke H up at 12.30am and he was awake until 6.30am, I was awake on and off since he would come and go out of the bedroom. I slept in until 9am, the boys were up by 9.30.

We were up at the inlaws for a few days, so my mojo has taken a hit. I did 2 layouts yesterday but only finished one.
I journaled!

I'm trying to get nico down for a nap and finish the other page.