Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crazy rain

It has been raining off & on all day, the back porch is under 1" of water. The water has to be at least 4" deep off the porch. Nico set up a chair by the door and was singing a song about the water & rain.

I did 3 layouts today for the Eat Your Veggies August kit, all that needs to be done is 4 more pages & 2 cards.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Recipe swap #2

Here is this month's page - appetizers . I went with the poppers dip. I pulled out the leapfrog green paper for the jalapeno & the olive green for the topper. Somewhere along the way I pulled out the red . After getting the page all together I realized I wanted the pepper green NOT RED!

Monday, July 28, 2008

ohh sweet little baby

Two pages of baby Henry
Making Memories paper, sewed the buttons to the felt flowers & black star paper. I also used October Afternoon stamp "Once upon a time" to start the journaling block. H was 16 days old, tiny little guy at 5 lbs & so so yellow.

Lift of a J. Hornsby page - need a lift to get started this weekend. This page got me started on sewing all my buttons to the page. The empty space is for journaling that I need to write up first - its about H & his hat troubles - we could not keep hats/caps on his head from day one. They constantly would pop off, gave the nurses fits in the NICU. They would have to get a new cap if the hat hit the floor, after a day they just stuck a stack in his cabinet.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let's test everyone

Henry did fantastic today at the allergist, he didn't even flinch when they started the scratch test. He sure puts on a great face for the camera.

His arm during the test, he has really tough skin so says the doctor. We had to move on the needles since he barely showed any reaction - not even the histamine control.

He did great with the shots too, he watched the nurse stick him everytime. He immediately showed a reaction to grass, dust & molds. Just what a kid needs. After the dr. checked out his arm, Henry asked if he could have 2 lollies since he didn't cry. The dr brought him 7 lollies!

This book was a hit, its a board book all about sinus & booger issues - ick.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another project

I think the allergy meds are working, I'm been busy doing stuff around the house & making stuff. I feel a little better but my sinuses are still stuffy.

A quick little gift made from a Maya Road tin pkg and scraps of paper. I stamped the title & recipe separators using KI Memories Love Elsie stamps.

Love playing with paint

I'm still playing with paint, these pictures especially called for paint. The boys painting themselves & playing statues.

The boys outside flooding the backyard with a sprinkler. They had to wear their snorkle gear while playing with the flower-sprinkler. They even hosed down the neighbors backyard with that crazy flopping flower.

I used a mask of the flower shape & painted inside to create the flowers. Just a misc. item I found floating in the chipboard bin.

7 Gypsies stickers, frog from cheap sticker pkg., Fontworks label, Doodlebug sticker letters, AL journal stamp & a white Sharpie pen.

Crazy boys

I walk into the kitchen & find H sitting at the table playing with the powertouch book. He is wearing his birthday hat that he made at school, he is so proud of his artwork.
Then here is this goof eating his lunch of blueberries, he's not ADHD but is learning to be an ADHD child just like his brother.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Meet with the allergist this morning to get new meds for "reactions" - itchies, puffiness, congestion, headaches and so on. Ran the scratch test on my arm, mild reaction to everything - dogs/cats, trees, pollen, hay, dust, mold/mildew and other stuff that I can't remember. Then they injected my upper arm with dog/cat, trees, grass, dust, mold/mildew & a few other irritants . Within 1 minute I had marble size welts with grass & dust as the worse. I took this picture an hour after the shots & the spots were still swollen.
They iced down the area & sprayed it with benedryl about 5 mins later but dang it hurt. The nurse gave me a xyzal to take right away for the reaction. The arm is looking much better 2 hours later, the swelling is barely noticable now. It was very scary looking & super itchy.

Basically the Dr. said I'm having an allergic reaction to everything that they tested me for today - indoor/outdoor allergens. So a new list of meds to try, keep a daily journal of my reactions/nonreactions and get rid of the carpet (duhh).

Nico enjoying his lolly, the nurse bribed him into talking. The boy would not say word to anyone, just his name. He was very good during the hour interview & testing. He sat there watching the nurse administer the tests and then asked me questions about what they were doing after the nurse & dr. left the room.

Henry goes in on Thursday for testing, the kid doesn't have a chance. He's just like me in every way other than look (thankgoodness). Hopefully he'll sit thru the scratch test like he did with the blood withdrawal. I'm going to have to bribe him with some new legos or something, it is not easy to sit there and let them pick you with a straight pin repeatedly.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


It's been a long weekend - Friday went to the store to finish up the Christmas Card camp & prep for Saturday crop, home by midnight. Back at the store 8am for the crop, home around 2am. Up at 8.30am to head back to the store for the card camp.

I'm finally home at 6.57pm on Sunday and kicking back with a Yuengling. The boys will be arriving home in a few hours, in the meantime I'm just veggin' and enjoying the quiet with my feet up. At the moment all i hear is cicadas in the backyard and the computer fan going. AHHH sweet silence.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bucket head

Finished this last night, bucket head doing what he does best - riding around the kitchen wearing a garbage can.
I love the black border, I took the picture of the layout on a metal chair outside. It's been so overcast that indoor light is way to dim for a good colour shot. I'm keeping the chair as a backdrop.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Super Painter Guy

This picture of H is hilarious! He covered himself with paint & said his name was "SUPER PAINTER GUY!" He 's showing off his laserbeam arms & "shooting" holes in the living room walls.

I cut out the frame from Scenic Route paper & hand-cut the scallops around the edge.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Nico & I pick up H from school in the bike trailer and its getting tight for the boys.

Here's a pic from December 07.

And a picture from last Thursday -July 08. The top is snapped shut on the ride, as soon as I stop the boys have to open it up.

I came home to this one day last week. A HUGE pile of Lego, it looked like the Lego dinosaur took a huge dump in the living room.
Mr. Nico sitting at his desk watching Pingu or playing games. He can spawn his own browser & go to youtube or nick jr!

Christmas book

I was decluttering a shelf and found a KaiserCraft wood board book that I forgotten about. I also came across a package of Scenic Route Roxbury that would be perfect for last year's Christmas pictures.
The book measures 9in at its longest & 7in tall and it is heavy. I coverd the 4 sections with paper & added a title using the SR letters. I cut out some trees, squiggled some Glossy Accents on them & glue them to the cover.
I added 2 pages of chipboard that were covered with SR graph paper that came with the paper collection.
Second page in the Santa section. Nico would not look at Santa and if he caught Santa looking at him, he would start to cry. Hopefully this year will be better.

The boys looking cute.

I tied the book together with ribbons.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cheap frame

I came across these dollar spot frames I bought last year and decided to do a quick project using up scraps. I had a bo-bunny sticker sheet with a large tag that says "summer fun" with a big sun on the bottom half. I cut out the sun & popped off the frame after inking the edges with chalk ink. The Delight is stamped with those great Dawn Hauser stamps with chalk ink & the negative space filled with white sharpie. I cut out a hibiscus & glue a button to the middle for some weight.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Some more paint

I stamped the background with a piece of chipboard (american craft star) & paint. I used a glue dot to attach the chipboard to an acrylic stamp block and used Dabber paints to create a stamp.

A page about Nico jumping on the bed, he's not suppose to jump on the bed but he thought he could get away with it when my back was turned. Like I'm not going to hear the boing & giggles.
I went over the paint shapes with a white sharpie & a black pen.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mr. potato-head

Nico's favorite part of playing with Mr. Potato-head - wearing those tiny glasses.
I stamped circles across the bkgd with blue paint, the circle was created from the bottom of a can of embellishments.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Glaze paint

I was working with these aquarium pics & grafton papers with the fishes and wanted something for the background. I mixed up some Glossy Accents with a dab of lime green paint, mixed well and used some bubble wrap to create "bubbles" rising the fishies. The glaze creates a stained glass effect if applied to a large area. I was just going for some bubbles.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Paint & bubblewrap

Did a page tonight using some bubble wrap & paint. It is another picture from my disney passholder days. The best exhibit at Epcot was the Coca-Cola room, it was cold, dark and quiet. The exhibit disppeared a few years later and replaced with store that sells trading pins.


H & the music

H got a little mp3 player for his birthday from Uncle John & donna. I loaded some They Might Be Giants on it and he is just digging the music. He gave me a show the other day, he had to dance on the coffee table with the stage lights on (overhead fan).

4th of July

This is how Nico watched the fireworks - he does not like the loud noise. Goofy boy.

Henry showing off his box of booty. Mostly poppers, smoke bombs & fountains.

H watching a fountain display.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

H & his birthday present

Posing with Peaches - his betta fish. I think the fish already knows about hamming it for the camera.

The fish is cute & easy too.

A sketch challenge

Sketch A

Got off my butt

Finally got motivated this morning and did some stuff. A door hanger using left over scraps & chipboard.
A page I did as a challenge on

A challenge on - black cardstock & bright photos.

Nico calling grandma - pretending to have a "hands-free" ear piece.