Friday, April 18, 2014


1 March 13 - Color Run 5k Fun - Done
13 April 13 - Iron Girl 5K - 34:29 : 11:08 pace
26 April 13 - 5k Airport Fun Run : 34:04
10 May 13 - 10k All Kids Run Safety Harbor * chip 1:12:34
11 May 13 - 5k Mother's day Fun Run  Al Lopez Park *chip 33:24
24 May 13 - Color Me Rad Fun 5k
15 June 13 - Father's day 5k Fun Run Al Lopez
18 Oct 13 - Beat the Priest Fun & Beer 5k Dunedin
8 Nov 13 - 5k Mickey's Jingle Fun Run
14 Dec 13 - FL Holiday Halfathon *chip

9 Jan Disney Marathon weekend 10k
Feb - Best Damn Race Challenge 10k & 5k
20-22 Feb - Princess 10k, Half Glass Slipper Challenge
22 March - Beach 10k/Halfathon
Oct - Tower of Terror 10 Miler
Nov Wine & Dine Halfathon

Waiting for doc

Well Well Well

Let's see if I can get this thing to post after a few years off. I was having horrible issues trying to post text & photos so I gave up.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Nicholas

The boy was so excited to have a party at Chucklecheese's but when we got there, he did a little freak out. He was scared. Luckily it didn't take him long to get over the fear and enjoy the party. 

The cake nick helped to make. 

Nicholas just noticing the "Nicholas" confetti on the table. It's his name amongst the confetti. 

The party king getting his crown from Chuckle. 

Time to cut the cake. Yeah. 

Almost ready to blow out the candles. 

One quick exhale. 

Nico watching the rat & friends dance & sing. 

Cutting the cake....

and there it is! The rainbow!

Nicholas ate the rainbow & left the tasty frosting for joe. 

Nico asked henry to go inside the ticket booth for him, henry gladly went inside. 

The boys talking about the ticket booth & the swirling tickets. 

Nico showing off his winnings. 

Present Time!

Roger's Connections! What the boy has always wanted. Thank You Mrs. B!

Henry sneaking a bite of Marshmallow from the Lego head pops I made. 

Nicholas' teacher Mrs. B came for the party. All the kids loved it that she came out to Chucklescheese. 

Scout Rank Ceremony

The first group of Tigers to get their Tiger Rank & yellow Wolf necker

Nicholas shaking hands & getting his necker.

The den checking out each others awards.

Nico wearing his Wolf paint & new neckerchief.

Henry trying to look at the paint on his face.

Henry receiving his awards & rank.

Henry walking..running across the bridge to his Webelos den. 

H getting his new Webelos necker & slide.

H showing off the Webelos colours.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

April photos

Big breakfasts for the boys at Mom's, they will clean the plate and be hungry in 40 mins.

 The boys watching the sets off of Vilano Beach. They can not wait to get out there with their own surfboard.
 Joe & I dropped the boys off at school & headed to Busch Gardens for a lovely time of just us.
 Nicholas' class went to Lowry Park Zoo, he loved the manatees & the bird sanctuary.

 Easter weekend we headed up to Ft. Caroline - Timucuan NPS. It is beautiful & worth the drive up from St. Augustine.  We came across this turtle ripping up sprigs of grass & making a heck of a rack doing it. Henry was fascinated by it and how quickly it moved.

 Nicholas checking out the Timucuan hut made by a Boys Scout troop, he thought that it was really cool that the Scouts do re-creations for displays.  Then he stood there for a bit and said "its a lot cooler inside the hut than outside the hut. In/Out.

 LOL both boys were inside checking out the hut structure and the turtle came cruising by. The turtle was was so noisy as it walked through the underbrush, "he sounded like a dinosaur" said Henry. The boys came flying out of the hut giggling & squealing.

The sign outside the visitor center.

After a long walk, Nicholas wanted a piggyback ride, Henry willing offered up his back for the walk back to the car. 

The start of the best trail hike all weekend, the Spanish Trail that is across the street from Ft. Caroline.  Long boardwalks, gullies, narrow trails all with shady covering.  It felt like you were walking thru a plant tunnel. 

The boys & their mustaches. 

Back home - Nicholas really getting into his skateboard, its one of those balance boards. He rode it up and down the street, I guess he has figured out how to move it with his body & not his foot.  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Flig

The karate school had an evening run & work out at a park. It was hot & humid!

 You see what he did!