Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Bobcat in the house

The pack did a very cool Bobcat ceremony for all the boys who earned the Bobcat rank. The first rank in Cub Scouts is the Bobcat, all new scouts have to earn it to proceed in their current rank. Nicholas is in first grade so he is working towards his Tiger rank and Henry is working towards Bear. 

Stage setting: Curtain opens up, native american music/spirit/wind blowing/flute type music is playing, a tee-pee with a faux-campfire and the Cubmaster dressed in traditional NA dress. 
 The Cubmaster gives the background on the Bobcat and why it is important. Calls the new Bobcats forwards, she proceeds to tell us/them what the colours signify and the den leaders paint the scouts faces. Then the boys are presented to their parents.