Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend to myself

Joe took the boys up to see his parents for the weekend so that left me free to do what I wanted or not wanted (like mop the kitchen floor.) Today, I cleaned out the one of the bedroom closet and made a huge donation pile. Then I made a new plexi-album using stamps & chipboard shapes, I think it came out very cute.

Yesterday, I did the WSD Garage sale of scrapbook supplies. There was over 50 vendors selling their leftovers/spares/overbought supplies. Most of the vendors bought among themselves and left with the same amount that they brought but it was different stuff.

Henry's new bike---------

We gave Henry a new bike for his birthday, the bike grandma bought last year wasn't working for him height-wise. He spotted it at the bikeshop and ask the guy to get "his bike down from up there." Next stop was for a new helmet, that kid has a huge knoggin! He picked out the cool flame job cap and actually puts it on without me having to tell him. He loses his bike for a few days if he takes it off. Always wear your helmet.

Mommy's little Artists

Both boys love to color, draw, paint, glue and other artsy stuff.
Henry got a glue & paint kit for a rainyday and had a blast doing it. Even Nico sat and watched Henry work. I think H. spent about 2 hours creating his submarine and then slept with it that night.

Finally got H's school picture

I had forgotten about it, good thing I never delete my emails. I found the receipt and emailed them with the info and within 2 weeks I had the disc. The picture shows Henry's personality.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

H. is off for the summer and he is keeping me busy. That boy is non-stop action! He even has Nick off his schedule, Nick hasn't taken a nap this whole week and gets super agitated and cranky around 7pm. The boy fights going down for the night and Joe will not stay on task with him. I have to intervene and put the boy back to bed.

This weekend is the garage sale at WSD, good thing my "not-want-not-need" basket is overflowing. I collect to much stuff over and over again.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Teaching again.

I taught my first class at WSD lastnight, ART blanche letters, within 5 minutes I was back in the groove of teaching and I feel everyone enjoyed doing their project (altered letters at the bottom of the page.) I have 2 classes in August, the motherhood tin using DaisyD rub-ons and papers and at the end of the month is Clearly Cute plexi-glass album using Basic Grey papers and misc. rub-ons and stamps.

Last Saturday, I helped man the 12hr crop at WSD so I was able to work on a project for/about Nicholas. I used Bazzill chipboard squares, DaisyD Boy Kit (papers & rub-ons) to create a super cute binder ring book that fits in a square chipboard box (unknown company).

Today is Henry's last day of summer school, he's happy, I'm happy and Joe is really happy that we can sleep in for the next few weeks. I know tomorrow H. will get up before dawn's crack and say "sun's up, get up! MOM GET UP! SUN UP!" Go back to sleep kid!

Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm Back!

I can't believe its been 10 days since I last posted. We've been visiting the grandparents and then I've been lazy. I did finish a Disney album for a class in Sept., here's the title page.

We had a nice 4th of July fireworks exhibit in our driveway, I caught Joe showing H. how to use a lighter! Ohh, he was in trouble (Joe not H.) You would think a grown man would be street smart enough not to show a barely 4 year old how to light fireworks. Nicky watched from inside, clapped and laughed for every bottlerocket that was lit. Gotta love the low-window ledges in this house.

I'm almost done with the chipboard book for the MS crop. Got to ask Jackie if she has a blog/website setup for the MScrop. I ran out of paper for my photoprinter and I keep forgetting to pick up a pack when shopping.

Also during this past week, the boys both had dental appointments. Henry's been to the dentist before but this was Nick's first time and he was patient and sat still so the dr. could count his teeth (8 uppers/8 lowers.) They both checked excellent, no biting (over/under) problems or tooth decay,

Joe made me get out of bed this morning to look at how he found Nick sleeping. The little bugger fell asleep with his favourite book covering him. He most likely slept the whole night that way. AWWWWW

Monday, July 2, 2007

Here's my boy blowing out his birthday cupcake, yes that's a number 1. I couldn't find any other candles in the house and he didn't care as long as he was able to make a "wish."

His latest fascination is crossing his eyes and make a fish face.

This is how we spent Sunday morning,lounging on the couch looking through ads. Nico found a really cool office chair that he wants.