Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blue and Gold

Chaya & I setting up our side of the chow hall with blue & gold cub scout balloons with orange (tiger colour) ribbons.

Presenting of the colours - Flag & Pack flag. My boys were responsible for carrying the flags down the hall and placing them in their stands. They worked on this ceremonial bit and the skit for 2 den meetings. We were all so proud of them.

H not paying attention to what is going on ahead that he walked into I. H was looking at Joe who was taking the pictures.

I called up each boy & partner to hand them 'their' tiger badge, I called H's name and stood there for a few seconds waiting for his partner.....duhhhh ITS ME! Henry is behind me while I called his name, I didn't realize he was standing there until he went '''uhhh muddher".

My den of 12 boys (10 in the picture) who earned their Tiger badge (and a few beltloops) last weekend.