Friday, June 10, 2011

Schools out for Summer...well 10 days

School let out at 11.30am today and the kids did not want to leave school until they said good-bye to every teacher they had over their young school life.

Henry earned Most Improved Panther award, Citizenship ribbon (no Ns on report card), a free Chili's meal, a Wendy's meal ticket & a Good reader award. The award that is the most special to him is the Proud Panther pin that is a paw print made of glass by his teacher Mrs. B.

Nicholas earned the Citizenship ribbon & a wendy's meal. Both boys missed school a few days over the school year so neither of them earned the "Perfect Attendance" award...whoopdeedoo.

The big flower was made by the 5th graders, they handed them out to the kinder classes.