Saturday, December 29, 2007

Check the white balance

I start shooting and then decide to check the white balance, doh. Daylight vs Flash white balance, you can see the color adjustment - more natural colors when the balance is corrected for flash exposure.Nico said the "coffee pot is talking to him - he says to give nicky coffee". The boy would drink coffee as often as I do if i let him. He's allowed a sip and some coffee ice cream.

Look at me!

Nico making his face for the camera - Look Look at me. I'm loving those Creative Cafe stickers & diecuts, they are good space filler.

Friday, December 28, 2007

3 layouts today

Ya, I know - no journaling. I'll get to it, I have notes written on the back but can't stand my handwriting so I'm waiting until I have a good day.

Nicknick stealing my laptop to play noggin games. He knows how to open the browser, point it to nickjr and load his games. Quickutz Moxie font & some new Creative Imaginations Cafe stickers & diecuts.

Henry and his circle toast aka cinnamon toast. No idea why he calls it circle toast but "circle" seems to be a recurring theme with food. Circle cheese - baby bels, circle donut - bagel.

Henry getting mad at me when I took his picture at he told me NO MOE!

Camera play

I've been playing around with my camera in the daylight and what a difference a clean lens makes! I really need an external flash, i wish the old speedlite for the elan IIe worked on the dRebel. ISO 800 f/1.8 1/50s 50mm - Still early morning, sun starting to light up the backyard.
ISO 800 f/1.8 1/160s 50mm
ISO 800 f/1.8 1/125s 50mm
Pic taken with flash, the superman shirt is washed out and the shadow under nico's head is horrible. ISO 800 f/4.0 1/60 50mm

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Digital Calendar

I printed up some calendars for relates and made it in to a desk tent. It's roughly 4x5 and printed on matte paper. The stamps on the front are 7gypsies calendar & It Kit Studio stamps. I used paint & black memories ink.

Bokeh filter

I finally got around to making a bokeh filter for my 50mm lens. Not the best pic, the boys would not cooperate for me. Sometimes I wish I still had a cat. I made it out of chipboard and cut out a star. This was taken in living room with only the tree on and a flash. The flash killed the color but we're trying to get the boys to calm down for the night.

More owls!

You know I love owl stamps, rub-ons & paper, so I spied these in the store today and had to have them.Are these not the cutest owl stamps, perfect for Valentines. Now I just gotta get busy making some cards or something. I wish I could find the October Afternoon owls.

Next class I'm doing is a mailbox for valentines, I'm using a Scenic Route line and the Creative Imaginations Mailbox. I just can't seem to get ahead, I'm always a month behind on what I need to get done.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Few more holiday gifts

I finished up the "my blessings" book, I just needed to add some embellishments. I'm trying to use stuff that is in my stash, so I dug around until i found some items that would work (colours, theme, size). Products-Melissa Frances papers, Joann's stickers (99cents line), misc. ribbons and 7gypsies tag book with 20 individual tags. Wallet size vertical pics worked the best.

I also made a grocery list clipboard using the EKsuc. Art Blanche board & Flair design papers & stickers. Very easy. Then I finally got around to making these bookclips that have been in my stash for 2yrs. They're still wet so they look wonky.

Friday, December 21, 2007

More cards

Cleaning out the leftover rub-ons & scrap papers. Very simple cards and very quick to make.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Crazy days

The last few days have been filled with dr. appts, H had a hearing test at St. Joe's on Monday (he has fluid in his ears) and then I had my regular gp monthly appt. for allergies & meds. Today was a down day I did a bunch of cards for teacher gifts. The first one is one of my faves.

The last four are all done with American Crafts Rub-ons. Just white cardstock & black rub-ons and then added some sentiments on scraps.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Didn't have a clue how I wanted to do these photos, I started it yesterday but ripped it apart today and started fresh. I pulled the colours from the fotos, something I rarely do. Now I'm working on the MRI pix.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Finally got around to doing a page and I really like it. I used a color profiler on a paint company's website to make a challenge. My colours came out in the Urban Stone collection, so I use the colour palette to pull cardstock/paper & embellishments. The rub-ons are some cheapies from Joann's and the chipboard letters are old Scenic Route. There a Maya Road sheer piece again and a felt shape.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

He did great

We arrived at the UDI at 11.45am and was told I couldn't bring Nico into the back. I really do not have anyone close by to watch the boys or give me a break when needed. So I called Joe at work and he drove across town to get Nick and take him back home. So at 12.30 they administered the oral sedative and told H. to lie down. An hour later he was still sitting up and asking all questions, the nurse decided to try him in the machine he might sit still long enough. So off we go to the room.

H was very interested in the big round machine, climbed up on the table, didn't panic or freak out when they put the head gear thing over him and fill it up with cushions. They rolled him into the machine and the loud noises started (he had ear plugs) he was startled a bit but with 3 minutes he was out cold and slept thru the whole process.

Not sure how long it took, lost track of time but the nurse came in and said they pictures came out fine. I woke him up and he said "what happened? I missed it?" About 30 minutes later he was discharged but he complained/whined/threw a fit about going out a different door. He sat on the ground by the car whining about not going out the locked door. Joe said he was whiny most of the afternoon and into the evening. I had the Open House at the doodle so I dropped H off at home and turned around went to St. Pete. My whole day was spent out of the house.
H having his O2 & heart rate checked.

Here he is in coming out of the machine.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Today is the day...

H. has his MRI today at noon, I so hope the oral sedative works and we do not have to go the IV route. The neuro wants to rule out any brain/structure problems since he has the speech issues (Language Apraxia).

Gotta get moving on dye out the grey in my hair today (on my head), fill the dishwasher and fold Mount Laundry.

Here's a few pix of the boys playing at the fundraiser event at school. N had a blast dancing to the music and eating with the big kids in the lunchroom.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Whimsodoodles exclusive QK is almost here!!

I spied the exclusive die the WSD designed and it is a coffee & tea theme!! I have a proofsheet of it....Hrmm I wonder if I can show it. The die is in production and should be in house by the end of the month maybe sooner.

My latest food craze is Baked Bean sandwiches, YUMMMY! Split an english muffin, add a slice of bacon (or fakin' Bacon that I use), a pile of baked beans, some chopped onions, sliced tomato and top with a slice of chedder cheese. Bake 20mins in 350 deg. oven. Oh so good!

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Here's a challenge, make a layout using this ad for inspiration. Post a link to your layout in the comment box and you might win a RAK.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Didn't do a thing today

I really can not recall if I did anything today so that means I was a bum. I did put the second page together but its not glue down. Heck the dishes are piled up and so is the laundry, where did the day go? I did make chicken fingers, fries and corn salad for dinner.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I did half of Nico's page but need to start dinner. I'll work on the facing page tonight. I'm loving those Maya Road sheer Memos journaling spots. They work great for title holders.
I cleaned up my mess from the kitchen table (I had the whole eating area covered with papers) and promptly made another mess but I did do a layout.

I have nico's skating pics lined up so I'll work on those after lunch.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas card

I finally did our card this morning and best thing its all done with scraps of papers. I made it a mission to complete this card without having to go out and buy some holiday something. I wanted to stamp the greeting but I told meself "self you have all this stuff just find something!" I listened and went through my quickutz and picked a few to try out. I settled on Bright (from Merry & Bright set) and the trees from the set. I made it into a tent fold card and will put a family pic on the inside and some more words. The cards is not crooked it just scanned in that way.

Monday, December 3, 2007

I worked the all day crop on Saturday and then the Christmas card class on Sunday. That means I didn't get anything accomplished this weekend other than work. Hopefully later tonight I'll work on our christmas cards and get them done. Then I need to work on some gift calendars.