Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Nicholas

The boy was so excited to have a party at Chucklecheese's but when we got there, he did a little freak out. He was scared. Luckily it didn't take him long to get over the fear and enjoy the party. 

The cake nick helped to make. 

Nicholas just noticing the "Nicholas" confetti on the table. It's his name amongst the confetti. 

The party king getting his crown from Chuckle. 

Time to cut the cake. Yeah. 

Almost ready to blow out the candles. 

One quick exhale. 

Nico watching the rat & friends dance & sing. 

Cutting the cake....

and there it is! The rainbow!

Nicholas ate the rainbow & left the tasty frosting for joe. 

Nico asked henry to go inside the ticket booth for him, henry gladly went inside. 

The boys talking about the ticket booth & the swirling tickets. 

Nico showing off his winnings. 

Present Time!

Roger's Connections! What the boy has always wanted. Thank You Mrs. B!

Henry sneaking a bite of Marshmallow from the Lego head pops I made. 

Nicholas' teacher Mrs. B came for the party. All the kids loved it that she came out to Chucklescheese. 

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